Photo of Maxim Escamilla

Maxim Escamilla

2021 Summer
ArtCenter Extension
Fine Arts Painting

Illustrator and Designer

Hello there!

My name is Maxim Escamilla. 

I'm a designer, illustrator, and painter based in Los Angeles, CA.

Born in LA and raised in Mexico City, most of my life I've lived in a state of in-between. Over time, I’ve come to accept the role of a cultural outsider.

My practice ranges from; personal pieces depicting the journey of coming to terms with one’s identity, Editorial Portraiture, Surface Design (Print design, Color styling , and Trend research). and Animation (After Effects). As a Queer PoC, I'm looking for an employer that is committed to inclusiveness in the workplace; with a vision of how the company is committed to achieve this goal. 

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