Photo of Dominique Rivero

Dominique Rivero

Interaction Design
2022 Fall

Specializing in User Experience for Inclusive and Accessible Design

Hi, I'm Dominique Rivero. Originally from Miami, I found my passion for art and design through the vibrance and creativity of the city. I have always been a listener and watcher of the world and learned “street smarts” to help me navigate. With a background in Fine Art and community volunteering, I realized I wanted to use creativity to help people and improve their experiences. 

One of my favorite parts of Interaction Design is going down the rabbit hole of research and development, absorbing as much information as possible. Understanding different histories, cultures, people, and philosophies, I create inclusive and accessible designs. I want to build connections and be an advocate for those who are often ignored. By intersecting motion, web development, and spatial experiences, I can be a voice that celebrates different perspectives and create a more inclusive world.