Photo of Drake Dong

Drake Dong

Product Design
2022 Fall

"Some salute to the past, while others overwhelmed by the present… I create the unhappening"

Hi, I'm Drake Dong. As a multidisciplinary designer, I provide media design, consumer electronic design, transportation solutions, advertising, VFX, and interface design.

I am passionate about the power of expression and the freedom I find in balancing the logical, objective, and creative. I learn, conceptualize and see possibilities. I craft a roadmap that fuses diverse fields of thinking, working with people in art, science, business, technology, and design. As a designer, it's my responsibility to provide solutions that are different, utilizing a forward-thinking mindset to craft what's next. 

My design concepts are based on interpreting the direction of society's progress and technology development. "Perfect is the enemy of the good" ------ There might never be a perfect design, but achieving a better self is my lifetime goal.