Photo of Junran Yang

Junran Yang

Product Design
2022 Fall
Graduation with Honors
Consumer Product Design, Footwear and Apparel Design, and Industrial Design

Hi there, this is Junran Yang. Let's do some ART and DESIGN!

Growing up with revolutionary consumer electronics, video games, and sci-fi films, I've witnessed the power of technology and how it can create positive impacts on our lives and even reprogram how we think. 

Syd Mead had called the science fiction "reality ahead of schedule." As both an Industrial Designer and a Concept Designer, I cultivate visions that bridge reality with fantasies: embracing present trends and lifestyles, and forecasting the unknown. 

Fusing knowledge from different industries also makes me versatile according to various project goals, empowering me to look at things from multiple angles. Using these strengths, I envision ideas that engage and inspire.