Photo of Keyu Deng

Keyu Deng

Transportation Design
2022 Fall
ArtCenter Extension
Exterior, Interior/UX/UI, and Mobility/Motorcycle/Marine

I specialize in Exterior & Interior design

I am Keyu Deng, a curious, self-driven automotive designer who is passionate about bridging artistry and forward-looking visions to future transport solutions.

When I went to the auto show for the first time when I was ten years old, the lines and shapes of those cars were deeply rooted in my mind, which drove me to draw my invention, and made me think about the future of transportation at that age. Since 2018, I have majored in transportation design at ArtCenter, and had several internship experiences at various car companies. I filled my school life with perseverance training on skills, and my internship experiences at the GAC and the Ford Design helped me re-established my design philosophy. I participated in a series of design tasks, including complete vehicles and automotive components, and also saw professional designers' ideas for the future. Working with excellent designers made me leave my comfort zone and think about what vehicles can be. Educating myself outside of the classroom gives me insight into automotive design, such as sustainability, aesthetics, functionality, and symbolic value.