Photo of Ningshan Hu

Ningshan (Patricia) Hu

2022 Fall

Hello! I am Patricia, a motion designer, and illustrator based in Los Angeles.

My parents always say to not only live my life, but to also enjoy my life. It took some time to understand what that truly meant to me and I’ve discovered that when I enjoy life best, I am learning and exploring. I enjoy discovering all that life has to offer such as new hiking trails, fishing, horseback riding, and learning archery. These new experiences ignite my passion for living and I take this philosophy into my design approach. I expand my capabilities by exploring new materials, learning new software, and experimenting with different design aesthetics. When I work hard to keep my mind curious and open to ideas that aren’t obvious to me, I experience the excitement of discovering unexpected creative solutions. I feel both grateful and lucky to find fulfillment and passion in my life and in my work.