Photo of Ruiying Xu

Ruiying Xu

Interaction Design
2022 Fall
Minor in Designmatters
Graduation with Honors

As a User Experience Designer, I love leveraging strategic problem-solving, innovative technologies, and creativity to empower people for a better future.

Hello, Iā€™m Ruiying Xu! Growing up in Beijing and bonding with people and the culture in California, visualization has always been my way to express emotion and share it with others. Blending art, psychology, and technology, I connect with people and find new ways to make a positive impact in their lives. As a User Experience Designer, I love leveraging strategic problem-solving for problems and creating empowering solutions. Through ideation, collaboration, and experimentation, I explore new technologies, new materials, and new ideas, innovating eco-driven solutions that craft a new story of the future. Balancing function and aesthetics, exciting visuals, and creative direction, I design experiences that support people and societies in a positive way.

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