Photo of Shuxian Hong

Shuxian Hong

Product Design
2022 Fall
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Consumer Product Design, Design Strategy, and Industrial Design

A joyful designer, activator and strategic creator with a dream for the better future

Hi, I am Shuxian Hong. I have been a creator since my childhood, playing instruments,

drawing, crafting and sports. My wide range of interests and competitive spirit

activated me to always try something new. 

I believe design is a magical mix of practicality and creativity, inspired by people’s

well-being and the desire to create a healthier, more joyful lifestyle

Learning about their lives and understanding their behaviors, I envision concepts

that are sparked by the collision of fantasy and reality. Blending a wide range of

insights, trends and technology, I create playful, inclusive, interactions and experiences

I am an Industrial Designer with a dream for the better future.