Photo of Xiaorui Yin

Xiaorui Yin

Product Design
2022 Fall
Graduation with Honors

I specialized in CMF, electronics, and furniture.

Hi! My name is Xiaorui Yin. Moving to the US at 14, I learned how to embrace diversity, always tried new hobbies and gained the strength to adapt to any situation. I loved making new connections and found design as a way to express my passion for life. 

As a Product Designer, I want to create connections between users, businesses and brands. Understanding human need, I transform empathetic thinking to new strategies and opportunities in concept development and innovation. Ideation, 3D modeling and prototyping allow me to bring my imagination to life, while visualization allows me to connect the emotional story to the user. Whether it’s CMF, electronics or furniture, I want to design experiences that are human-centered and show people how much I truly care.