Photo of Yerim Shin

Yerim Shin

Product Design
2022 Fall
Consumer Product Design, Design Strategy, and Industrial Design

I find joy in detecting and solving complex problems.

Hi, my name is Yerim Shin. Raised in Austin, Seoul and Toronto, I experienced life in three very diverse cities. From a young age, I developed a keen eye for recognizing what worked and didn’t work within an urban system.


As an Industrial Designer, I am passionate about creating change. Even small changes create a butterfly effect. I focus on problem solving, from the macro to the micro, imagining “what if’s” and exploring diverse categories. My passion lies in analyzing cities, digging below the surface and finding discomforts, in order to design new connections. I believe solutions take many forms and opportunities live at the intersection of people, products and systems. I envision limitless possibilities, from incremental to big picture, and reimagine how we engage with the world around us.