Photo of Atara Sragow

Atara Sragow

2023 Fall
Specializing in Emotionally evocative illustrations and efficient, well organized designs.
Illustration Design

Connecting Through Art

Hey there! 

I'm Atara, an American Jewish Illustrator and designer from Long Beach, California. My art is all about sharing emotions, drawing from personal and universal experiences. With a focus on "less is more," I create simple, yet impactful, illustrations.

In my design work, I love the creative puzzle of merging aesthetics with functionality. Proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, I bring artistic flair and organizational finesse. Whether in-house or freelancing, I'm ready to contribute my creativity to diverse markets! If you want to delve deeper into my artistic world, I invite you to reach out. 

Atara Sragow