Photo of Edna Segoviano

Edna Segoviano

2023 Fall
Specializing in Illustration, Visual Development & 3D layout.
Entertainment Arts

Without color, there is no story to be told.

Hello! As you already know, my name is Edna. I'm from a small town known as Banning, near Palm Springs. Growing up, I experienced many hardships, but it was through these experiences that I developed my independence, my ability to persevere in pursuing my passions, and my stubbornness about achieving my goals in life. I am grateful to have made it this far with my loved ones and friends.

When I work on a piece, I always try to catch a moment, like how a design element conveys a message in a split second or what makes an illustration valuable enough to tell a tale. I am constantly experimenting with new methods, such as using complementary colors and utilizing new vivid hues to illustrate stories, because I enjoy how bright color can evoke emotions.

Because I know that without color, no story can be told.