Photo of Joshua You

Joshua You

2023 Fall
Minor in Business
Graduation with Distinction
Specializing in Storyboarding and Film Production
Entertainment Arts

My journey unfolds through the boundless art and power of storytelling.

I am deeply passionate about narrating inspiring stories through my art, striving to convey profound messages and evoke powerful emotions in my audience. Rooted in a strong narrative focus, my artworks prioritize the effective delivery of the story over mere aesthetic appeal, a principle I uphold even in the creation of simple sketches

Actively creating animated short films in 2D, 3D, and hybrid formats, I am continuously expanding my skills across the animation pipeline, in pursuit of my long-term goal to direct empathic films as an animation director.

I am Joshua You, a story artist, born in South Korea and raised in California, propelled by the transformative power of storytelling.