Photo of Mea Kim

Mea Kim

Graphic Design,
2023 Fall
Graduation with Honors
Specializing in Specializing in motion design, brand identity, and Illustration
Motion Design, Illustration Design, and Branding

“Hi, what’s your name?” Mea? Mia? M.A?

My name is Mea, but people usually use it changed the form in many different ways. At first, it was confusing and sometimes impressive with all the different variations, but by now I've discovered that I actually enjoy this diversity.

I am a ‘Mea’ kind of desinger.

Just as the fixed letters 'M' and 'A' have supported me in change and growth, my deep-rooted beliefs empower me to adapt and embrace various influences, no matter when or where, much like the changing middle letters in my name. I am a multidisciplinary designer who uses motion design, brand identity systems development, and style frames techniques to evolve.