Photo of Yizhe Zhang

Yizhe Zhang

2023 Fall
Specializing in Illustration
Concept Art

Concept art

Hello, I am Yizhe Zhang, Fall 2023  Illustration Entertainment art Graduator in Artcenter.

I grew up in a normal Chinese city. Choosing the way of being an artist is based on my interest of design and art.

 I am working hard and looking forward to be an environment concept artist for a long time.I stared my design trip as an illusrater. You could see a lot of elements that painted by hand without mattepainting. painting and design the texture and shape by digital painting is one of my interest and regular training. I am usually learning and trying different methods to painting. using different brushes, using different styles are all the direction and plan to improve myself.

During Artcenter, I learned a lot, I met a lot of people are in the same camp. We love design and art. I know the method of composition and how to design and express the image and idea in your mind. 

 I hope I could use my artwork to build many beautiful and different world.