Photo of Beatrice Ma

Beatrice Ma

Graphic Design
2023 Spring
Packaging and Branding

Hello Fellow Wanderer!

During long weekends at my family’s small commercial printing business in San Francisco, I unknowingly learned about graphic design. My older sisters and I stuffed thousands of mailer envelopes which gave us dozen of paper cuts. As we gained rhythm and constant momentum, the work became competitive for us. When one job was done, I would race around the store for more things to assist with. I envied my father for being able to create for others – without the realization he was a designer! I was lucky, immersing myself early in the process of making unique prints, booklets and tags. I search for solutions through curiosity with the ambition to explore. There are many days I enjoy devoting hours to create. My name is Beatrice Ma and I’m a graphic designer, open to new ideas and possibilities. And I still don’t mind the paper cuts.