Photo of Duoning Ning Zheng

Duoning Ning Zheng

Interaction Design
2023 Spring
Minor in Business
Graduation with Distinction

I design to make everyone's life better β€” not only for you and me, but everyone.

Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my profile, I am Ning -β—‘β—¦. I've always been driven by my intuition and passion to explore and deconstruct the world around me. Through my sensitivity, I am acutely aware of the daily challenges that people face.

As an interaction designer, creative technologist, and full-stack prototyper, I get inspired by seeing tiny moments in our day-to-day life and analyzing the behavior and mentality of people. Through research into cutting-edge technologies, I leverage prototypes, HCI testing, and data metrics as tools to communicate and validate my ideas.

Combining user-centered thinking with emerging technologies, I create digital products and services that are inclusive and respect our privacy and safety. As a designer, I believe in improving the lives of everyone, not just you and me, but for everyone.