Photo of Eric Khay

Eric Khay

Graduate Spatial Experience Design
2023 Spring

"Design, Nature, and Technology"

Hi, My name is Eric Khay. My background is in Interior Design and Architecture. 
Every environment has its own story. This motivated me to become a spatial experience designer at ArtCenter which emphasizes branding, and interactive experience to combine those elements into space.
I specialize in Hospitality Design starting from hand sketching, 2D, 3D Drawings, rendering, and visualizing the space to bring that to the stage. 

Being a Designer is my dream. I love to create and explore something new with technology and apply that to my daily life. Based on my past experience, combined with my education at ArtCenter, made me interested in the metaverse. Therefore, my graduate thesis project was to design a virtual gradshow for ArtCenter. 

I am inspired to combine nature and technology to further the world of design.