Photo of Eva Song

Eva (Si Eun) Song

Graphic Design,
2023 Spring
Motion Design

Motion Designer + Illustrator

I am an IGL, short for in-game leader. In the world of team gaming, an IGL’s specialty is strategy; providing structure and purpose for each player on your team. Like a black belt, your movement, aim skills, and instincts need to be on point. I try to be an IGL in all aspects of my life. As an illustrator and motion designer, and ranked Immortal 3 player in Valorant, my gaming ethics flow into my work. For me, the best designs are built on a solid foundation and have a unique purpose in every element. Being my own leader responsible for directing each choice of my work motivates me to grind. Seeing all the pieces come together leaves me just as satisfied as hearing the “Victory” sound in a game. Let’s 13:0 the journey together as a team!