Photo of Grace Soo Yeun Kim

Grace Soo Yeun (Grace) Kim

Graduate Graphic Design
2023 Spring

I am a graphic designer devoted to user-centric experiences by actively listening to users' needs.

People around me would describe me as a cheerleader, outgoing and supportive. I worked as a department manager at a small start-up business where I experienced every facet of a corporate job. There, I learned to be a multi-tasker and an excellent communicator in order to help my team achieve its goals. My group members thought that I, being a cheerleader, helped them engage in creative processes, comfortably speak up in meetings, and delve deeper into the assignment. Another significant achievement I have accomplished with my welcoming personality is previously being a partnered online streamer. I had 10k followers and an average of 200+ viewers. They were always there for my live streaming schedule, saying they appreciate my personality and the community I had created. I have set up community rules to create a respectful platform where I learned about unique sub-cultures and diverse perspectives by creating content and interacting with audiences from different backgrounds.