Photo of Hefan Fan

Hefan (Margo) Fan

2023 Spring
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Entertainment Arts

Character Designer | Concept Designer | Background Painter

Greetings! I am Hefan Fan, a passionate Concept and Character Designer. My artistic journey began in middle school when I immersed myself in the worlds of film and gaming. As a movie lover with over 2000 movies watched, I was particularly drawn to epic films such as "The Lord of the Rings" and movies made by one of my favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick. These films not only fueled my imagination and ignited my creativity but also helped me gain knowledge about storytelling and character building. Additionally, I was captivated by the mesmerizing visuals and compelling storylines of the iconic video game series "God of War".

Through these immersive experiences, my mind was set free to explore a whole new realm of possibilities, and I discovered the magic of storytelling and art. I was inspired to develop my own unique vision and creative style, combining my love for scriptwriting and art.

Looking back, I am grateful for the role that these works of art played in shaping my career as a designer and for the imaginative universe that they opened up to me. I hope to continue drawing inspiration from the wonders of the world around me and sharing my vision with others.