Photo of Jess Shen

Jess Shen

2023 Spring
Graduation with Honors
Entertainment Arts

Character Design and Illustration

Hey there! My name's Jess. I am a character designer, an illustrator, but most importantly, a storyteller. My preferred method of storytelling is actually through costume design. The clothes we wear are directly affected by the world around us. Studying historical fashion has taught me that there are a lot of subtle decisions we subconsciously make when we dress ourselves. So when I design a character, especially when they’re in a fantastical setting, not only do I research the cultural inspirations behind their world, but I also try to think about how their personal experiences have shaped their sense of fashion. I’m from the suburbs of Massachusetts, though I currently live in Glendale. Thanks to the support of my parents, I’ve been able to travel and study all over the country. Including places like the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Because of those experiences, I’ve been able to learn many different styles and mediums of art and consider myself to be very flexible. In my spare time, I participate in zines and work on developing my personal projects. And when I actually take a break from drawing, I enjoy exploring LA with my friends and eating out at my favorite restaurants.