Photo of Keerthana Menon

Keerthana Menon

Graduate Spatial Experience Design
2023 Spring
Specializing in Brand Experience, Strategy, and Design

Designing brand experiences that inspire stories of human connection

My relationship with design began right from when I was a mischievous curly haired 6-year-old. My parents often tell me that if there was silence in the house, it meant I was up to something and they would run to find me with my hands deep in some sort of gunk, with smears of this oddly colored slime across the walls, the floor and of course myself. It seems as if my body knew, before I did, that I was born with the hands and the mind of a creator. While being on this adventure of discovering the kind of designer I am, I kept looking for that one thing I am obsessed with, that one human truth that drives the work that I do. I quickly realized that my passion is to bring people closer together and have my work inspire impactful moments of human connection. How can I create interaction and conversation that inspires meaningful connection between people. How can I spark emotion that leaves a positive impact on my audience? An integral element of my design process is guided by storytelling. I use stories as a pathway to build more intimate relationships between brands and their people. Every form I create is inspired by a story, a truth, a conversation. 

Over the years, I’ve learnt through a lot of my experiences, both personally and professionally, that "comfort and growth don’t go hand in hand" and that has been the driving force to challenge myself and learn as much as I can, along the way. With the pandemic, our very understanding of Space has changed. Its expression has moved from being restricted to the physical world, to expanding into the virtual, where time, movement and experience have no boundaries and definition. There exists no limits. My work takes you through projects that have challenged the concept of “Space”, in the same way. As a Brand Experience Designer, I am placed in a variety of settings and scenarios, giving me the opportunity to dive into a broad spectrum of work.