Photo of Kiran Babu

Kiran Babu

Transportation Systems & Design
2023 Spring

I specialize on designing meaningful Holistic User Experiences for the future of Mobility, where I follow a systems thinking methodology that is focused on making our planet a better place.

Kiran Babu is a graduate of the Graduate Transportation Systems and Design program at ArtCenter College of Design. He comes from a diverse background; having completed his bachelor's in Architecture, he has worked across various fields, from co-founding a startup on branding to working in a multidisciplinary design studio, working on projects ranging from Spatial Design to designing products. Through the master's program at ArtCenter, Kiran worked on society-centric projects ranging from Autonomous delivery robots to critical topics that question our day-to-day mobility decisions through his thesis on Intermodal transportation. He also got the opportunity to Intern at a startup and an OEM, where he worked on designing Intuitive Interfaces for an Intelligent Traffic Systems Technology that enables cities to better manage traffic signal networks to progress road safety and reduce carbon emissions, and develop Interaction models for Autonomous Vehicle control.

He is interested in developing disruptive solutions from a critical point of view that question urban frameworks, systems, and typologies. He is a T-shaped creative, having a broad knowledge of space and products with depth in User experience centered around mobility.