Photo of Kuan-Ya Wu

Kuan-Ya Wu

Fine Art
2023 Spring
Minor in Business
Graduation with Distinction

Installation art & Curatorial practice

Kuan-Ya Wu (b. 2000, Taipei, Taiwan) is an installation artist based in Los Angeles, California. The artist’s research involves conversations with finding safe space along with the idea of securities and insecurities. Wu's way of expressions are rather sentimental and generous than legitimate objective that most of her works are made to be engaged physically: to be touched, laid on, walked into.

Aside from her fine art practice, Wu works as a freelance set designer and a curatorial assistant specializing in event planning, and communication between artists. She is passionate about assisting artists in delivering their works to the public. As a co-founder of ArtShow Club at ArtCenter, she has curated 3 group exhibitions cross majors to bring attention to student artworks and to function as a platform to bring the community together.