Photo of Maya Ruiz

Maya Ruiz

2023 Spring
Minor in Designmatters
Graduation with Distinction
Illustration Design

Illustration, Design, and Storytelling!

Art is what keeps me curious. Illustration is the way I explore the world and document my life on Earth. Whether I am learning about the natural world, science, food, or my family history – I am always itching to discover a new story to tell. 

Storytelling is the way I have found my own sense of belonging. Growing up as a Japanese-Venezuelan in the Los Angeles suburbs, I never felt like I really belonged anywhere. Writing and illustrating my stories has helped me create my own sense of community where I am now. Whether I am expressing stories through my illustrations or my designs, I am creating artwork that captures the joy of being alive on this amazing planet. 

I never stop creating, not really, even on my days off. If I’m grabbing dinner with my friends, I’m usually planning to illustrate my own food review. If I’m taking a walk, I’m foraging materials to create inks with. And if I’m home, I may be developing a new curry recipe.