Photo of Natalie Somekh

Natalie Somekh

Photography & Imaging
2023 Spring
Graduation with Distinction

Natalie Somekh Specializes in Creating with Light

Raised with a camera in hand, Natalie Somekh has always found independence through visual art. Withholding the fact that she was only 16, she started working as a freelance photographer, shooting bands and concerts. Natalie is obsessed with details, textures, and sculpting with light to tell stories. Adding and subtracting light, She captures optical phenomena that distills the essence of the human experience, a snapshot of who they are and the brands they reflect. Working in the world of fashion, she is captivated by the people she works alongside; models, artists, stylists, creative directors, and more. She loves the collaborative vision, telling stories that bring their clothing to life. Natalie Somekh creates imagery that ignites the flames of curiosity, and allows people to feel her love and passion for the industry.