Photo of Qing Lan

Qing Lan

Entertainment Design
2023 Spring
Graduation with Distinction

Storyboard Artist & Background Designer

Hey! I’m Lan, a storyboard artist and a background designer currently based in LA. I like reading comics, writing stories that explore personal struggles, and looking for the best boba. 

While my storyboards feature a wide range of genres including comedy, action, and horror, I enjoy doing drama and emotional stories the most. I like to grasp what the characters feel, laugh or cry as they do when I am storyboarding. Such stories always tug at my heartstrings, and I want to be part of that magic. 

Background Design & Painting is another way for me to convey storytelling. In my view, background is one of the most crucial elements in establishing the tone of a story, and the art of background is about adding depth and richness to the narrative. I take pleasure in using designs, layouts, and colors to express my sentiments about the story.

Thank you for stopping by. Let's get to know each other and I look forward to learning more about you too!