Photo of Roxy Chen

Roxy Chen

Graphic Design
2023 Spring
Graduation with Distinction
Transmedia, Print & Editorial, and Branding

Hi, I’m Roxy, a foodie, part-time traveler, and friendly graphic designer who loves crafting delightful experiences.

Roxy (Xinyi) Chen is a Los Angeles based graphic designer. And what does this say about me? Probably nothing. So let me tell you a little bit more about myself and where my work comes from.

From Shanghai to Virginia to California, culture diversity and curiosity drive me as a slowmad, an observer, and a maker. Where these two worlds collide, my creative process begins. Most comfortable at the confluence of playfulness, utility, and simplicity, I strive to combine free thinking and meaningful application of technology. Working in transmedia visual identity with research and a meticulous eye, I’m always seeking out new ways to have fun and discover innovative solutions, from analog process to a better and more authentic design experience. When off the clock, you can usually find me hiking and looking for green density in nature, sipping coffee, or dancing around the kitchen while waiting for my dishes to finish cooking.

I hope this would give you a better idea of who I am. Drop a line and let’s chat, I’m always down to collaborate on new projects or share about my latest recipe :)