Photo of Ruixin Xue

Ruixin (Icebear/Rae) Xue

Product Design
2023 Spring
Minor in Business
Graduation with Distinction
Consumer Product Design, Design Strategy, and Industrial Design

By giving love, I generate love:)

Hi, nice to meet you; I’m Ruixin Xue. I grew up involved in a competitive choir, a team working together to create a beautiful melody. We traveled and performed around the world, speaking a language in songs, expressed through love.

Today as an Industrial Designer, I love designing tangible objects that live in the world. From products to yachts, the combination of environmental, product, and transportation design is where I want to be. I love digging into the conceptualization phase, understanding goals and user needs, brainstorming, and the cycle of iteration.  From concept to reality, function, and aesthetics, I want to express my creativity in a way that considers both business and users. Through design, I have the opportunity to improve the quality of life and elevate people’s moods. By giving love, I generate love.