Photo of Sam Clark

Sam Clark

2023 Spring
Graduation with Honors
Directing, Cinematography, and Writing

I create new worlds and fill them with life.

Sam grew up watching sci-fi and fantasy films, which inspired his love for worldbuilding and telling stories that would take audiences on journeys through new worlds. He specializes in directing with a unique visual style consisting of striking imagery and extensive worldbuilding that goes beyond the pages of the screenplay. His creativity is unparalleled, being able to find solutions to unforeseen problems that can occur on any set, such as equipment failure, and crew, budget, and cast limitations. 

Sam’s work ethic is also second to none, as he thrives while under pressure. When push comes to shove, he’s able to film extremely fast and incredibly efficiently with strict time and budgetary restraints, while still delivering an exceptional product. His greatest feat thus far is delivering 78 shots with just an 8 hour time restraint, and very limited cast and crew.

Sam has also garnered recognition from his biggest inspiration and fellow Artcenter Alumni, Michael Bay.