Photo of Serafina Yu

Serafina Yu

Interaction Design
2023 Spring

I empower business outcomes and the people they serve.

Hello, my name is Serafina Yu. Born and raised in Shenzhen, I witnessed the fundamental transformation of the city from a small village to a global innovation hub. I always felt the spark of creativity and technology

Today, as a digital product designer and a product manager, my drive is intentional. I love the versatility of defining different problems, analyzing value, and developing feasible solutions that minimize bias and maximize growth for both people and business. I need to deeply understand the human experience, their psychology, priorities, requirements and behaviors, in order to craft an ethical solution, one that best serves their needs and that of their community. Taking these insights, I design product strategies that allow me to have a growth mindset, adapting to market demands, future trends and technological innovation. It’s all about communication, collaboration and connection!