Photo of Taylor Chen

Taylor Chen

Transportation Design
2023 Spring
Graduation with Honors
ArtCenter Extension
Exterior and Mobility/Motorcycle/Marine

Creative and Innovative Graduate with a Keen Eye for Automotive Exterior Design

As an automotive exterior design graduate, I am passionate about the intersection of form and function in automotive design. Throughout my academic career, I have honed my skills in sketching, digital modeling, and clay sculpting, while also developing a strong understanding of design principles, materials, and manufacturing processes. My experience includes collaborating with industry professionals on projects ranging from concept cars to production models, allowing me to gain valuable insight into the automotive design industry. I am highly creative and enjoy exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in automotive design. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of vehicles that not only look stunning, but also provide a seamless user experience and a sustainable future for the industry. I am excited to continue my journey in the field of automotive exterior design and bring my skills and passion to the forefront of the industry.