Photo of Tianhao He

Tianhao He

Interaction Design
2023 Spring
Graduation with Distinction

Crafting delightful and inspiring experiences for everyone :D

Nice to meet you! I’m Tianhao He, but you can call me Clyde! 

I’ve always been a tech nerd with a passion for new technology and collecting electronic devices, driving my parents crazy. As a Digital Product Designer, I believe in creating cohesive ecosystems for physical and digital products. Design thinking allows me to develop experiences that work together while still being viable and practical. With a diverse skill set, including graphic design, storytelling, motion design, and technology, I always approach problems with a broad scope. I love the details, the micro-interactions, that allow my users to feel deeply considered. Through design, this tech nerd wants to craft delightful and inspiring experiences for everyone. Thank you for being here, and hope to chat with you soon~

💡 Feel free to check out my portfolio at!