Photo of Wenjie Huang

Wenjie (Fred) Huang

Transportation Design
2023 Spring
Exterior, Interior/UX/UI, and Physical/Digital Modeling

Experienced and keeping learning & growing in Automotive Exterior & Interior Design, 3D Digital Modeling, Mobility Strategy and Physical Model Prototyping.

Hi , this is Wenjie (Fred) Huang.

First of all, I love cars, and that impulsion has always been there motivating me.

I have been experienced and learning in different fields for the past years of ArtCenter, Internships and some personal project cars. Not meaning to become an all-rounder, but a designer with understanding in all kinds of design aspects, business too!

Gladly I made my path through ArtCenter's life! An end of one journey would be the start of another one, and we will never stop exploring.