Photo of Xiaolin (Forest) Yang

Xiaolin (Forest) Yang

Transportation Design
2023 Spring
ArtCenter Extension


My name is Forest Yang, and I am a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design. With a specialization in automotive interior design, I have developed a strong passion for creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing spaces within vehicles. During my internship experiences, I participated in multiple production projects and gained valuable skills in transitioning concepts from 2D sketches to fully realized 3D designs.

When it comes to my workflow, I prefer to begin the ideation process with thumbnail sketches, allowing me to explore a wide range of ideas quickly. To further develop and refine these concepts, I utilize Blender and other digital software to bring my design to life. Witnessing the transformation from initial sketches to the tangible final result brings me great satisfaction and joy.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at I look forward to connecting with you.