Photo of Xinyi Dai

Xinyi (Berly) Dai

Product Design
2023 Spring
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Consumer Product Design

packaging and lifestyle designer

 My name is Xinyi(Berly) Dai. I’ve always found delight in life, the art of crafting, baking, and painting, with a deep appreciation for culture and connection. As a Designer, I prioritize both function and emotion, always striving to create lifestyle products that are accessible and elevate the user experience in everyday life. Whether I’m designing products, systems or packaging, I blend meticulous research and storytelling, aesthetics and experience, crafting a strong emotional connection between users and the brand. Collaboration allows me to explore unique perspectives and understand diverse philosophies, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. I want my designs to share my vision of life, one that is filled with delight