Photo of Yiming Fang

Yiming Fang

Graduate Film
2023 Spring
Specializing in Film
Directing, Cinematography, and Writing

Production Designer -Yiming Fang

Yiming is an award-winning Production Designer, Creative Director, visionary artist, based Los Angeles,CA.  

Her Production Deign works has been praised at top film festivals and across the country.

Her work has been nominated for Cannes Film Festival, Houston Film Festival, Urbanworld Film Festival, and more. Best Short Film at the LA Shorts International Film Festival, Best Screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Chinese American Film Festival, Best Student Short at the Shanghai International Film Festival, , etc.

She founded her own film and television media studio at a young age, and has since worked as a production designer and visual director in both film and fashion. Her work has been featured in major commercial productions, feature films, and high-end fashion editorials. Lindsey is known for her unique aesthetic and passion for storytelling through visuals

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