Photo of Yizhou Lu

Yizhou Lu

Spatial Experience Design
2023 Spring
Graduation with Distinction
Spatial Experience, Interior Design, Architecture, and Exhibition Design

Yizhou specialize in spatial experience design

I am a spatial experience designer who always thinks outside the box and focuses on audience-oriented design. I am interested in small-scale spatial design, photography, and 3D visualization. Being an outdoor explorer who draws inspiration from adventure, nature has trained my observations. And, I have transferred these to my designs. Being able to see the needs of my target audience, I am able to provide practical solutions to meet human conditions. I love human-centric design, embracing new technology, and creating with empathy in every detail. I want to create spaces and experiences where people will spend quality time. I believe that design can connect the creative concept to the people in the resulting space, and tell the story emotionally.