Photo of Zhuoyu Li

Zhuoyu Li

Media Design Practices
2023 Spring

#Nature Inspired Design #XR Prototyping #Squirrel Observer

Hey there! I'm Zhuoyu Li, a multidisciplinary media artist and UI/UX designer specializing in XR experiences, on a quest to tackle problems with a creative twist. As a believer in versatile solutions, I've explored various forms to uncover unique approaches. My experiences have fostered empathy for users, empowering me to juggle multiple perspectives, quickly prototype, and navigate cross-functional dynamics. With a background in wood science and engineering, I'm passionate about fusing design and nature. My projects bring humans together with trees, fungi, cats, and squirrels, using design research and rapid iterations to focus on user needs. One aspect of my practice includes a VR experience starring interactive rodents, applying creative collaboration and innovation to deliver a delightful user experience. This adventure has shown me how design can enhance our connections with each other and the world around us.